Aviation Weather View - Albury, NSW
METAR YMAY 160130Z 15005KT 9999 SCT053 22/09 Q1018
Information and images sourced on a "best effort" basis from
our own station 2.7NM north of the field at 1016ft AMSL.
Weather information is NOT from the Albury Airport.

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Updated 0153Z (16-Nov-2018 at 12:53:06 local)
Temperature 22.6 Deg C
QNH is 1019
Humidity is 42% RH
Dewpoint is 9.0 Deg C
Estimated Cloudbase is 6600 feet amsl
Wind: 3 KT from 185 degrees magnetic (173 true)
Runway 07 Crosswind 2KT Right to Left 1KT downwind
Runway 25 Crosswind 2KT Left to Right
Wind last 10 minutes: Average 3 KT
Solar Insolation: 719 W/m^2

TWR: 123.25 SMC: 121.8 AWIS: 134.525 ATIS: 115.6/133.85
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Wind Rose
Solar Radiation Decoded METAR data
Albury Airport (94896, YMAY)
WMO Index: 95896
Date/Time: 16-Nov-2018 0130 UTC
Lat/Lon: 36.07S 146.95E
Wind: 150 deg true at 05.0 knots
Temperature: 22.4 deg C
Dewpoint: 8.9 deg C
QNH: 1018.9
Rain since 9am: 0.0
Rain last 10 mins: 0.0
Visibility: -9999 metres
AutoVisibility: 10000 metres
Max Wind Gust last 10 mins: 07.0 knots
Scattered 1620m (5313ft)

Calculated humidity: 42.1 %RH